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Quality through experience and innovation

Quality is of primary importance to us, and we are unique amongst producers in having an in-line quality control system to ensure that all blocks comply with the relevant standards (see note below). This system checks the height, length, width, weight and density of each individual block, thereby ensuring that only those blocks which meet the standard are packaged and delivered to our customers.

The in-line quality control system is further supplemented by a state of the art in-house laboratory where composite blocks from every hours production are put through a series of rigourous tests.

The result is that every Eirebloc Pallet Block sold is:

  • Dimensionally accurate.
  • Has a high nail extraction resistance.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Is consistent in quality. 

All Eirebloc Pallet Blocks are:

  • EPAL certified since December 2008;
  • CHEP approved since March 2011;
  • In compliance with ISPM 15 international Phytosanitary Standards.
Note on quality checks:
  • Height within 1mm of specification
  • Length within 2mm of specification
  • Width within 2mm of specification
  • Density in excess of 600kgs / m3


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