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Experience and Innovation

Eirebloc commenced life following in-depth research into new ways of cleansing and adding value to recycled wood. The company was born out of this research which was conducted in conjunction with the Life programme of the European Union.

Commercial operations then commenced in a new, purpose-built factory in Cork, Ireland in 2008. Further production expansions followed in 2010 and 2012, allowing us to offer an increased product range to our customers. 

The business represents the coming together of two highly successful players in the timber industry, whose combined activities, support the employment of over 300 people and brings over three decades of specialised knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial flair to the management of Eirebloc.

In particular, they bring an incisive appreciation of the vital importance of adherence to the fine tolerances (dimensional accuracy, moisture content, block density etc) that collectively determine the class of the finished product.

Our future expansion in the business lies squarely on our ability to reach buyers who expect quality as a given by disseminating the key message that ours is a constant search for perfection.

Our task is to keep our product positioned at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the industry worldwide. To this end, we continue to maximize use of our original research and development facilities, which are dedicated to monitoring and refining existing products and systems and probing new ways of improving product performance.

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