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Eirebloc is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the business. We fulfil this mission by a commitment to:

  • Understanding environmental issues.
  • Recognising that with business activity comes environmental responsibility.
  • Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change.
  • Striving to buy and sell environmentally friendly products.
  • Encourage all customers and suppliers to share in our mission.


Our Life Cycle Analysis study has concluded that using recycled wood enabled a 33% reduction in the environmental load when vetted against the use of virgin wood. As a significant portion of our raw material is recovered from construction and demolition wood and end-of-life packaging and pallet material, we take pride that we are true to our environmental best instincts.

Eirebloc’s commitment to the environment is borne out of its involvement in two EU LIFE-Environment projects, Tyre-Wood Block and CleanWood. Both of these projects are now completed and have had a significant impact on the processes and systems used in Eirebloc. Further details can be found under the Links page.

In March 2011, Eirebloc achieved FSC® certification as further evidence of its commitment to the environment. The FSC is an independent international network promoting the responsible management of the world's forests. The FSC sets international standards for responsible forest management, and accredits independent third-party organizations that certify forest managers and forest-product producers to these standards. Eirebloc's is proud to have achieved the FSC standard for its composite pallet blocks.

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