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Major pallet producer converts to Eirebloc composite pallet block

Tuesday 22 June 2010

As producers of composite pallet block, we are obviously keenly aware of the advantages of the composite pallet blocks for pallet producers. Increasingly our sales focus has been on getting this message out there to producers who traditionally use solid timber blocks.

We recognise that for many of these customers, it may require a leap of faith for a customer to convert over their production processes to accomodate composite pallet block, but we are so confident that once they trial the Eirebloc composite pallet block that they will not revert back to solid timber, that we are delighted to offer these such customers a trial quantity to enable them to test the product for themselves.

Recently, following such a test, we converted one of the major pallet producers in Europe over to using the Eirebloc composite pallet block.

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